Cancer Remission

The Don't Do List


1) All vegetable oils exposed to light. PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE. Use only cold pressed extra virgin olive oil or grape seed oil in dark glass bottles or cans, or raw flax seed oil in black bottles. Cook with grape seed oil or olive oil. Heat will ruin Flax Oil quickly.

2) All margarine or anything that contains it. PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE

3) All vegetable shortening or anything that contains it. It is used in more than 80% of all packaged baked goods. PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE

4) All hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil or anything that contains it. (These are used in about 80%or more of all packaged baked goods including most self-popping corn and movie theater pop corn.) PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE

5) All smoked or processed meat, such as bacon, salami, bologna, pastrami, sausage, ham, self-basting turkey, dried beef, etc. (causes an extreme immune system reaction by increasing the white blood-cell-count) PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE

6) All white refined flours or white sugar and anything that contains them. These are extensively processed and denatured eliminating nutrients essential to life, produced using chlorine bleach and phosphoric acid (and more), and are extensively damaged by oxidation. They are extremely harmful to the body and can be addictive. PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE

7) All soft drinks and other carbonated beverages, regardless of brand name. PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE

8) All boiled or canned food. PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE

9) All fried or deep fried food. PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE

10) All microwaved food (causes extensive free radical damage to the nutrients). PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE

11) All tobacco products. PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE

12) All synthetic sweeteners, containing aspartame such as NutriSweet, Equal, Sweet & Low, etc. Extensive muscle testing indicates they cause immediate muscle weakness. PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE

13) All alcoholic beverages including wine for the first four months.

14) All hard cheese for the first four months

15) All vinegar, except for raw apple cider vinegar (available in health food stores). You may use fresh lemon juice instead.

16) All tap water or filtered water that does not eliminate fluoridation. PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE. Use quality spring water for drinking and cooking.

17) All added food chemicals and preservatives, including sodium nitrates, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, and food additives including corn syrup, dextrose or white sugar. Simple forms of sugar (typically processed sugar) feed cancer cells. PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE

18) All irradiated food. Since 1986, all irradiated products must carry the international symbol called a Radura, which resembles a stylized flower. FDA requires that both the logo and statement appear on packaged foods, bulk containers of unpackaged foods, on placards at the point of purchase (for fresh produce), and on invoices for irradiated ingredients and products sold to food processors. Irradiated food not only has lost most of its nutritional quality it actually tests harmful to the body using Applied Kinisiology muscle testing. PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE

19) All GMO (genetically modified food). Most GMO foods are not labeled and also test extremely harmful to the body using Applied Kinisiology muscle testing. Ask your grocer if they are selling GMO foods and most of them won't know for sure. PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE whenever possible.

20) All “farmed” fish. Usually farmed, Salmon, are fed unnatural diets, which cause extensive disease and predatory infestation resulting in a food substitute that is in fact harmful. The fish lack the natural resistance to environmental stresses and other challenges. With farmed Salmon, their flesh typically is not Salmon colored and can be a whitish gray. There are approved dyes added to the man made food fed to these animals that results in an unnatural pigmentation of their flesh by artificial means. Other fish, which are typically farmed and fed unnatural diets, are freshwater Trout, Catfish and Bass as well as Yellow Fin Tuna (Hamachi if you enjoy Sushi) from Japan. PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE

Absolutely stay at least 30 feet away from the front of microwave ovens while they are in use. The radiation from them can cause free radical damage to all parts of the body exposed to the radiation. The closer the body is to the microwave oven, the more free radical damage occurs. Free radical damage from any form of radiation that the individual cells cannot defend themselves against can cause cancer.

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